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Why I’m here, and so can you!

February 12, 2008

Anyone who’s met me knows I love to share my experiences and knowledge, especially anything to do with my career choice as a cameraman. I’ve had some static web pages up for a long time, and I’ve taught workshops and college courses in film production. I also was the director of a film degree program at a four year college. Now I’m back to work as a full time free lance Director of Photography.

Over the years, I’ve come up with what I think are some clear and practical explanations of lighting and camera concepts. My goal is to use this blog to put those out there to a wide audience and with luck get some feedback and learn some new things too.

To best introduce myself, I present the Demo Reel I was using just before I got swallowed up in the academic world. (I am working on a new one, I promise!